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Please note that this site is no longer updated. The function of my online photographic notebook has been taken on by Photo Goblin.

This is the place to visit if you are looking for digital photography software. A veritable treasure chest of digital photography applications, software, and much more besides. Amongst other things there are reviews and listings of gallery software, photo organisers, various other resources, and a glossary. There is also a section on Content Management Systems, Photoblogging and a page on Photo Editors. A recent addition has been our very own camera shop in association with Warehouse Express.

The Frame Room came about after I acquired a negative scanner and digital camera and I started to realise the potential of my new digital images. We have friends and family around the world, so I began to investigate publishing photographs on the Internet - This was much cheaper and quicker than sending printed photographs as we had done in the past. However, the Internet photo gallery that could be created with my web publishing software did the job, but not quite to my satisfaction. I needed something better, but as I looked around, it soon became apparent that the choice was large, so I set out to take a look at and try as many as I could.

As well as a large selection of software for creating a photo gallery on your own web site, there are also galleries and photo blogs that will do the hosting for you. This site will hopefully pass on the benefit of my research. I’ve also included a glossary to cover some of the technical terms involved, a page on the basics of gallery construction, some practical examples, and some links and resources I’ve found useful.

Whilst working on this project I rapidly found out how disorganised my own photo collection had become over the years, particularly the digital images, so I started looking for something to bring some semblance of order and cut down on my search times. Some of the packages I came across are reviewed in the Photo Organisers section.

The site was originally created in 2003. As time passed the site expanded and various other sections were added so in the end a redesigns were required, and these happened in August 2005 and February 2009. The aim was to be concise, however some of the sections have grown over time. At present, the gallery software section alone lists around 70 entries. If you consider there are any significant omissions, or if you have any feedback or comments please let me know.

So, if you want to find out such things as how to display your funny pictures and videos on the Internet, turn your wedding pictures into a animated slideshow, or just where you can get a photo mug with your picture on the front, delve within.

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